Cloak & Daggers – Deus Ex: Human Revolution Guide

Cloak & Daggers – Deus Ex: Human Revolution Guide

Cloak & Daggers – Deus Ex: Human Revolution Guide

Ammo Capacity Upgrade

Deus Ex: Human Revolution MAJOR Glitch in Cloak and Daggers, Can Prevent Completion

Hey everyone, this is a glitch that can really put you back in the Deus Ex: Human Revolution side quest Cloak and Daggers. As part of the mission you are supposed to neutralize Double T and take out the rest of the MRB street gang. However, you can’t do it when one of the guys get’s tapped inside the frame of the building! I hope that the game company fixes this soon as it took me around 15 minutes to get him out of the wall. Please SUBSCRIBE and like.

Let’s Play Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Blind) – Part 23 – Completing cloak and daggers

Time to finish the side-quest! Will we be successful or somehow mess things up at the last minute.

09. Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Deus Ex Difficulty Walkthrough – Cloak and Daggers

Bienvenidos a esta nueva guía, dedicada al juego Deus Ex: Human Revolution. En ella podréis ver el recorrido de principio a fin del juego, utilizando el sigilo lo máximo posible e incluyendo las misiones secundarias del juego. Jugado en PC y grabado con Nvidia Shadowplay. Espero que os guste!

Welcome to my new guide for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. On it you’ll see how to go through the game using stealth tactics whenever it’s possible, including the secondary missions. Played on PC and recorded with Nvidia Shadowplay. Please Enjoy!